Lediga jobb

Sjukhuset/universitetet i Odense söker patolog till en kombinerad professur/klinisk tjänst.
A combined position as clinical professor in pathology and consultant in anatomical pathology is vacant at the Research Unit of Pathology, Department of Clinical Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark and at the Department of Pathology, Odense University Hospital, respectively. The post will run for 5 years with possibility of prolongation. För mer information, se denna länk.


Gynonkologiska avdelningen vid Universitetssjukhuset La Fe  i Valencia erbjuder en doktorandtjänst på 3 år med start september 2019 till forskarstuderande som inte har forskat mer än 4 år heltid. Sökanden får inte ha bott i Spanien mer än 12 månader de senaste tre åren (ej inräknat kortare semestrar). I nedanstående informationsblad kan man läsa: 

"The Gynaecology Oncology Division at the University Hospital La Fe, is searching for a full-time faculty member at any rank. We provide a comprehensive range of clinical care to patients with gynaecological cancer, being a high-volume center." 

"The aim of our division is to care and improve the treatment of patients with gynecological cancer. The research  project will be mainly focused in the ovarian cancer field. For the main topic of the higher degree (MD/PhD) the candidate may choose between a sort of investigation projects: The role of lymph node ultra-staging in ovarian cancer, the relation between Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and chemotherapy resistance or new prognostic factors research based in the specimens from our ovarian cancer tissue bank.

The study of the nodes by using immunohistochemistry techniques to stablish the role of ultra-staging in ovarian cancer will be performed in the context of a clinical trial (CT) entitled SENTOV which objective is to describe the feasibility of performing the sentinel node technique in patients with early stage ovarian cancer. In this CT, the concordance of the result between two diagnostic tests will be evaluated: Sentinel node and Pelvic-para-aortic lymphadenectomy in patients with ovarian cancer.

The research about TILs will be carried out based in the cohort of more than 700 patients with ovarian cancer treated in our department focused in those patients with relapsed ovarian cancer. The ovarian cancer tissue tissue bank handles samples from approximately 300 women. Tissue samples and their accompanying data are made available to scientists and physicians who are conducting ovarian cancer research. Specific information on patients and samples are recorded in an extensive database. Among the many projects that make use of the tissue banks, the research about new biomarkers that have potential to help inform treatment decisions on the path to personalized care may be carried out by the candidate."

För den som disputerar inom 6 månader från avslutad fellowship väntar även en PhD-award.

För mer information se informationsblad från La Caixa och från universitetssjukhuset La Fe